In order that we keep our lives spiritually safe we
need to keep our homes spiritually safe as well. This is
a indepth writing on how we can spiritually bless and
keep our homes protected from wrong influences. 
We have several prayers for several specific needs.
Breaking Soul Ties, Curse Breaking Prayer,
Deliverance Prayers, Generational Curse Breaking,
Healing, Forgiveness, Daily Maintenance Prayer etc.
In short it is anything that holds a person back from
walking in the fullness of what God has intended for
their life and anything that hinders their freedom to do
so. But it is so much more than this. Click the What 
is a Stronghold button for a better explanation.
 Much controversy surrounds this question. But the rain falls on the just
and the injust and if a Christian does not keep themself covered under
God's blanket of protection by doing the things that God asks of them
so that He can keep them safe and/or if they are not avoiding the people,
  practices or situations God tells them to avoid. Consequences follow.
Can a christian have a demon?
Does a Christian have a purpose?
Blessing a Home
  It is unfortunate, but there is still much ignorance in the body of Christ today regarding such things as spiritual warfare, (whether or not satan has any power to
touch a Christians life, what role we as a Christian play (if any) in warfaring against the devil etc.). Jesus Christ came to teach us that we no longer had to remain
bound under the devils influence and curses of bondage, struggle, sickness and oppression. That we actually have the power to demolish his strongholds and
remove his curses from our life. Jesus even decreed to us heavenly authority over satan in (Luke 10:19) to aid us in establishing our freedoms from satans works
(should we find ourself bound by any of them).

  So why do we have so many Christians still bound under satans influences of ignorance, sickness, oppression and sin, if we have been given a spiritual position
"over" the devil? Because of what Jesus warned us about, "watered down and false doctrines operating in the body of Christ." As Jesus encouraged us to stand
up to satan and counter his works of oppression in this world, we have churches telling their people to sit down and let God fight that battle. That our part was to
just believe and have faith. But that is not what Jesus said. 

  I have witnessed first hand many times many people set free from all types of sickness, oppression, bondage, curses and anguish and I can testify that we do
have the ability and authority to wield God's power to see the signs and wonders of deliverance and healing that Jesus said a Christian could expect to see in their
life. The one ingredient missing from most Christians needing deliverance is the knowledge to know how to use their authority in Christ in an effective plan of 
action. "And the truth shall set you free", but that truth and understanding (that enlightenment) is missing for many who need deliverance. 

This is what this website is about. To provide good teachings to help enlighten a Christian and by which to give them enough resources and step by step proced-
ures, (along with effective prayers) to help that person effectively call upon the name of Jesus and establish their freedoms where they realize they are bound in
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What does it mean to"believe"
 in Jesus Christ?
The History of Halloween
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    Why are there so many denominations anyways? Are they each
ordained by God? Are each of them teaching God's people what they
need to know and how God would want them taught? Are they each
preparing their members for the challenges that lie ahead and to 
know such things as spiritual warfare?  Yes? No? Read on
Praying "Effectively"
One thing I have learned about calling down the walls of a
stronghold that is against you and freeing yourself from an
oppression that is debilitating to your life is that a Christian 
needs to know how to pray an effective prayer. Click the
Praying Effectively button to learn more about this.
About me
Prayer page
What is a "Stronghold"
                                  Spirit of despair

Are there times when feelings of despair overwhelm you?
Are there times when feelings of despair and hopelessness 
overwhelm you? Does all it take is a little bad news to get you
feeling this way? Has this been a pattern throughout your life?
                                 Yes? Then read on!
  Does a Christian have a purpose? Absolutely!  Not only that, but
each person in their decision to become a Christian should find them
selves in a labor of love to find out exactly what that purpose is. Who
they are in Christ. What they can achieve and what God will want 
them to achieve.    How do we learn that purpose?    Read on
What are we as a Christian 
   to do about Halloween? 
What is a familiar Spirit?
 How do I bless oil 
to use for Anointing
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