What is a Familiar Spirit?
    Familiar Spirits!!  We reap what we sow and so do our children.  How will our children know
   about the goodness of God if we surround them with spirits that work against that goodness?

    If we sow bad seeds in our gardens are we not feeding our children the bad fruit that grows
from those seeds? If we live wrong we teach our children to live wrong.
    If we bring curses upon to ourselves then we bring those same curses upon to our children. 
If we bring cursed things into our home then we are surrounding our children with cursed things. 
    If we entertain dark spirits by living wrong those spirits become familiar to us (are able to 
operate around us relatively unnoticed because instead of being diligent to rid them from our
lives we validate them) and if they are operating in our lives they are operating in our children's lives.

    When we make ourselves familiar to dark spirits we justify them and give them a place to live, 
in our homes!!!! and  when they are allowed to operate in our lives they are allowed to operate in our
children's lives. Other people may see that spirit operating in our lives or in our children's lives, but
we won't easily recognize it because it has become familiar to us. This is what a familiar spirit is. 
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