Chapter 1-       What is a Stronghold?
Chapter 2-       The Spiritual Realm and us
Chapter 3-       The basics of spiritual warfare
Chapter 4-       Stronghold of "oppression"
Chapter 5-       Spiritual Laws and legal rights
Chapter 6-       Strongholds and spirits
Chapter 7-       Let's talk more about an un-contended spirit
Chapter 8-       The Forgiveness Prayer             
Chapter 9- Let the "warfare" begin Chapter 10- Deliverance from "Oppression" Prayer Chapter 11- Recapping some points Chapter 12- Stronghold of "sin" Chapter 13- Beware of what you entertain! Chapter 14- How long do we warfare against a spirit? Chapter 15- We need to do our part so that God can do His! Chapter 16- The Bottom Line? Chapter 17- Ok, let's pull those strongholds down Chapter 18- Deliverance from "Sin" Prayer Chapter 19- Recapping and adding some points Chapter 20- Stronghold of Ignorance, Falseness and/or Deception Chapter 21- Final thoughts and words