Spiritually blessing and cleansing our homes   Part 7

    There are three steps to take when dedicating and blessing a home 1. Speaking the prayer out. 2. Blessing the inside of the home. 3. Blessing the outside of the home (the property). Below I will give an example of the type of prayer one could use when they would first dedicate and bless their home unto the Lord. After the prayer I also give an example of how one could use this prayer, how one would use anointing oil, how one would bless the inside of the home, how one would walk and bless the boundary lines of their property etc. To me, dedicating our home unto the Lord and blessing it to cover over sin goes hand in hand with each other and so in the example prayer I give I combine the two into one procedure.

          "Blessing and Anointing your home and property"                    

    Blessing and dedicating your home unto God and purging any sinful influences that may have been brought into the home through sin.

                                                                                                           May 10th, 2006

    Jesus Christ I confess and I proclaim that You are the Lord of my life and that You alone hold the highest position under our Fathers throne. I proclaim that Jehovah creator of the heavens and the earth is my God, and my spiritual Father. I surrender afresh this day my body, my soul, and my spirit into Your care Father God.

    As the owner (or leaser) and spiritual representative of this home (house, condominium, apartment, trailer home, etc, I (we) dedicate unto You Father God and surrender my (our) home, property and possessions into Your hands. Like a good King would govern over the affairs of His kingdom, or like a good shepherd would tend his flock I (we) give You the headship position over and I (we) invite You to be the overseer of this home, property and it's affairs to direct and look after.

   Father I (we) ask that You would sanctify and put Your seal of ownership upon this home, upon this property and upon to each article that is in this home and on this property for they are Yours to govern over. Yahweh as Your Son Jesus Christ had cleared Your temple from those who had been spiritually tainting the holiness of that building Matthew 21:12,13 we ask for You Jesus to come and spiritually purge our home, property and its possessions from anything that spiritually taints the holiness of our home, property and possessions.

    By the authority Christ gave me I (we) claim this home and property for the Kingdom of God. I renounce every work of iniquity that has ever been perpetrated in this home, or on its property. I (we) intercede the blood of Jesus Christ to rectify and forgive every un repented sin that has been committed here by a previous owner, renter, or guest who had ever stayed here. In the name of Jesus Christ, I (we) command broken off of this home and property every chain of bondage, every curse, every un-Godly vow, every dark spirit and every legal right satan has had to this home and property. By whatever person, whatever opportunity, whatever legal right, or whatever sin perpetrated I (we) command every possible work satan has put onto, or against this property rescinded and declared null and void. I (we) command every demonic influence to relinquish it's position and be purged from this home and property and sent to dry and arid places. Father send a cleansing fire throughout our home and property and burn up the remnants of sin and darkness that had covered this home and property and fill the home and property up with Your Holy Spirit.

    Father help me (us) to be a good steward of this home and property. Help me (us) to make good decisions, to be spiritually wise and to have good discernment as to what I (we) will allow, to come into this home, or will allow to operate in this home, or on it's property in that I can help You keep this home holy and in Your peace. I ask for Your Spirit of peace to always rest on this home and property.    

    Everything I proclaim, request, and command in this prayer I do so by petitioning Jesus Christ to intercede on my behalf. I call upon Jehovah God to release a double portion of His anointing to empower each word, each request, and each command which I spoke out in this prayer in that each thing that was asked for will be completed. Amen 


    You should modify this prayer where needed in that it will more accurately describe you and your circumstances more accurately. Referring to if you are married or single, live in a house, or apartment etc, whether you would say "my" home, or "our" home etc. I would encourage you to revise this prayer where needed and print it out. Add your own words to it, or when reading the prayer out add whatever else you feel should be said, or what you feel the Lord is leading you to say.

    I encourage you to speak this prayer out loud so that satan is clear on your position of what you are giving unto and requesting of God and in that your authority is exercised effectively to accomplish what you are asking. Remember Jesus spoke to the storm and commanded it to subside and it did, He spoke healing to the sick and they were healed and He spoke to the demons to come out of a person and they came out and so should we speak out when taking a stance against a stronghold of sin.

              Joshua 24:15 NIV But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
         Barry McLaughlin    
Freedom Deliverance Ministry