Spiritually blessing and cleansing our homes   Part 3

   Having said this here are some examples of what type of sin /wickedness /unrighteous acts may have gone on in your home by a previous owner /occupant /guest before you took it over, and thus what type of spiritual influences may have been invited to operate there until it gets properly dealt with. Until it gets dedicated to God and blessed by His authority to rectify the sins of the past that took place in that home and remove their spiritual influences.  

                 - perhaps the home used to be owned by, was rented, or used by a person who had been involved in the occult, tarot card reading, numerology, astrology, tea leaf reading, fortune telling, seances, divination, satan worship, witchcraft, black magic, voo doo, santeria,, invoking curses, new age, native spiritualism, etc, attracting those influences to the home. Perhaps they had performed rituals there, made oaths and may even have dedicated this home and property to their god /goddess /pagan belief /or cause.                 

                 - perhaps the home used to be owned by, was rented, or used by a person who had been involved in false beliefs that operate under the guise of Christianity, but which are more about false teachings than they are about Christ's truth, (cults, extremists) such as Jehovah Witness, Mormons, Universalism - Unitariasim, Church of Scientology, Worldwide church of God /Armstrong, the Boston church, Gnosticism etc, attracting those influences to the home 

                 - perhaps the home used to be owned by, was rented, or used by a person who had been involved in another type of organized, but false religion such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha’i Faith, Free masonry etc, attracting those influences to the home. Besides worshiping a false god, goddess, or belief they may even have set up a altar in part of the home to honor their beliefs.

                 - perhaps the home used to be owned by, was rented, or used by a person who had been known for their wickedness, hatred, prejudice, eccentricities, sexual perversions, arrogance pride, madness, dementia, sinful nature, cruelty, dark mindedness, obsessive compulsive behaviours, immorality, abusiveness, addictions, violence, sadism, unfaithfulness, adulteress ways, etc, attracting those influences to the home.

                 - perhaps this home has been noted to have had a lot of dysfunctionality in it, addictions, high incidents of family abuse, a high number of failed relationships /marriages, a high number of unexplained sickness suicides, unnatural deaths, mortgage foreclosures etc. and so may be a sign that this home is holding negative influences and that these influences have been affecting previous family households who had lived there.

    Once a spirit has been released to operate in a person's life that spirit attaches itself and resonates in everything that belongs to that person, including their home, whether it be a spirit of lust, or a spirit of fear and until the home and property is blessed (consecrated in the name and the blood of Jesus) it will remain. Ok having said how something of a dark spirit can be validated through sin to in one way or another affect a person and the atmosphere of a home, let's talk about how we can get rid of these unwanted influences from the home thus helping to protect the people in the home from those influences.

    How do we do that? By dedicating the home unto the Lord upon moving in (or when you first realize you should) and secondly by taking a stance against the sin/ sins that had been committed there by blessing the home. As we had said we don't know all of what sin may have been committed, if any, in what is now your home, or what influences may have been left behind because of them and so we need to bless the home in such a way that every right the devil may have had to be in that home will be rescinded.

     Who should be the one to dedicate and bless the home? The one who is deemed to be the spiritual leader, or the person in whom the spiritual leader designates to dedicate and bless the home on their behalf. Also In order that one would be able to dedicate the home they live in unto the Lord, or bless over any old sins that had occurred there they in some way need to be one of the key people who either own, or rent the home (house, apartment, condominium, trailer etc. and any property that comes with it) Do you see what I mean here? You can't dedicate what is not yours, or what you are not leasing to be yours?

    For example: If I as the Christian leader of my family moves my family into my mother's home, that she owns, then do I have the right to dedicate her home unto the Lord? And do I have the right to bless and cover over any old sins that had been committed there? The answer to both of those questions is no not without her consent for it is not my rightful position to do so. This is why it is a good idea that if a Christian has to board with another person, or family, that they should choose a home that is not full of sin.

    If my mom rents me her home this makes a difference as it would be with anyone who is in the position of renting from another. In renting a home the owner is relinquishing some of their rights to that home and granting them unto the renter. Apart from what the owner puts forth in the lease (the financial arrangement and any conditions they may put forth in that rental contract) that home is considered yours. Not yours to own, but yours to freely live in. Again I still can't dedicate a rented home unto the Lord as if it was mine to submit, but I do have some rights to make God the head of my home and for Him to be the overseer of my family and the possessions of our home.

    As we had talked about before, to cover over the sins of the past that were committed in that home the owner and spiritual leader would have greater empowerment to bless over and expel the negative influences those sins had produced. A renter can still bless over the past sins of their home and stand on the rights the owner had relinquished and given unto them as a renter, but there is a possibility in some cases that you may not achieve the same success. Depending on the magnitude of the sins that were committed there, it may take a lot of prayer by the rightful owner of that home to get that success. This being the case a renter may find themselves in a position of wanting to move if they feel an uneasy spirit in their home that doesn't seem to budge it's position to leave.     

          Barry McLaughlin    
Freedom Deliverance Ministry