Let's talk about blessing our home and property.

     There are many reasons for wanting to bless our home, but it is when we know why we should and in what ways we should do it is when we will be able to accomplish an effective blessing. The reasons for blessing our home and property varies, but have similar goals, to dedicate, cover over sin, sanctify, encourage God's presence and purge satan's.

    bless - 1. To consecrate; make holy by religious rite. 2. To honor and exalt; glorify. 3. To make the sign of the cross over, as for sanctification or protection. 4. To invoke God’s favor upon (a person or thing). 5. To bestow prosperity upon; make happy. 6. To endow as with a gift: She was blessed with a beautiful face. 7. To guard; protect: Bless me! (OE bledsian to consecrate with blood)

                                                       Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary

    That being the case these are the reasons why we would want to (whether purchased or
rented) bless our home and property. To spiritually cleanse our home and property with 
God's Spirit and displace any spiritual darkness that may be there, (to consecrate, sanctify,
make it holy). To (honor, exalt, and glorify God) by dedicating our home and property
unto Him. To invoke God's favor onto our family, home and property. To put God in a
better position to guard and protect us, our family, home and property by covering over
any spiritual darkness that had been operating there before we had blessed it. To bring us 
prosperity and happiness etc.

    Unless one knows the history of the home they are moving into and the people who have
lived there over the years it is hard to know what may have taken place, good or bad in this
home, or on this property which is now yours, or is at the very least now your responsibility.
One doesn't know what un repented sins may have been committed on this property, what
doors may have been opened, or legal rights been given to empower dark spirits and negative
influences, to operate in this home/ or on this property because of it.

    Sin holds consequence. If a previous owner had indulged in (without remorse, or 
repentance) a particular sin, or many sins then the consequence would be that satan had been
given his legal right to assign a dark spirit to operate in that person's life, (and he will) and
around everything that person owns because of it. That spirit is assigned with the purpose to
further entice that person to continue in their sin /their sins and to make them a prisoner to it
and make a stronghold against them. Once a person crosses the line and opens the door to
satan by their indulgence of a particular sin, their life is not strictly their own anymore when it
comes to making free will decisions, for satan now has an empowerment to strongly influence
that person in a way he had never been able to before, until that sin is repented for and the 
slate cleaned. 

              indulge    - to gratify one's own desire                    Funk & Wagnalls 
                                                                                      Standard Desk Dictionary

    Another consequence to this sinful behaviour is that this spirit, now legally released into
this world to keep a stronghold against this person is now also in a position to influence, or 
affect other people who are associated to, or closely involved with this person. (It may not
have the same rights to other people as it has with the person who had indulged in the sin,
but none the less it can in some degree affect another person closely associated to that
person, and even more so with people who may be struggling in the same, or similar sin.)

    Sin and anything that resembles it is satan's invitation into our life. We expose ourselves to
the consequence of sin (its curses, its manifestations, its bondages) when we sin, when we 
don't grow in the knowledge of Christ, when we won't look at the sin that is in our life and turn
away from it or even try to, when we continue to open new doors to satan instead of finding
new ways to close these doors, etc. And we are exposed to the consequence of sin (its 
curses, its manifestations, its bondages) when someone else opens a door to it and gives it a 
place to live around us.

  Note:  There are different spirits in this world just waiting for an invitation to come into our
lives (e.g. spirits of righteousness that work under the Holy Spirit that brings God's fruit into
our lives) and spirits of darkness that work under satan. As Jesus needs our invitation to 
come  into our lives so does satan, and as we said satan gets his invitation through adversity,
sin and anything that resembles it.

    One who sins (falls short of living by God's standards) and one who indulges in iniquities
of sin, deliberate sin, wickedness, pagan practices, the occult, rebelliousness, perverted 
thinking, selfishness, negative thinking, false thinking, fantasizing/ not facing reality or truth
(God's truth), etc. opens themselves up to let those type of spirits operate in their life, to 
operate in this world and to operate around other people. They validate them, empower them
and give them a place to live to fulfil satan's agenda against us. I admit that a sin of ignorance
does not empower a dark spirit to operate as strongly in our lives as what a sin of iniquity will
(deliberate sin) but none the less both type of sin opens a door and gives satan a foothold into
our lives. Deliberate sin is much more dark in nature for deliberate sin requires a more 
conscious effort, or requires a more conscious choice to be made to commit that sin. There is
a difference in falling short of God's standards and deliberate sin.

    Exodus 20:1-6 NIV 1 And God spoke all these words: 2 "I am the LORD your God, who
brought you out of Egypt, out of the "land of slavery."NIV "house of bondage"NKJV 3 "You 
shall have no other gods before me. 4 "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of
anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow
down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the
children for the "sin of the fathers"NIV "iniquity of the fathers"NKJV to the third and 
fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand [generations] of
those who love me and keep my commandments.

  iniquity >noun (pl. iniquities) injustice or immoral behavior. Oxford University Press

  in-iq-ui-ty Grievous violation of right or injustice; wickedness  Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary

    I am not going to go into the dynamics of how demonic spirits operate and affect us, not in
this writing anyways, but the basic principle is that spirits can attach themselves to us (be
validated to work in our life for satan's purpose) by sins of iniquity deliberate sin, by sins of
ignorance lack of knowing we are doing something that is allowing the devil into our life and
by being a victim of sin. Yes satan is able to build a stronghold against a person's mind (in
their thinking) when a person has been a victim to abuse (mental, emotional, verbal, physical,
sexual etc.)

    Satan is also able to release a spirit to operate in a person's life not only by sin and iniquities
of sin, but also by the mental anguish a abuse, or a sin has caused them and by how that
abuse has caused that person to form negative beliefs about themself, or life itself. God did
not intend for us to be bound by negative emotions in that those emotions would rule over us,
but God had intended that we should rule over all works of satan and so when we show that 
we are bound by fear, worry, guilt, discouragement, depression, feeling rejected, unloved etc
then we are showing that we fall short of living the way God had intended for us and this gives
satan the right to work in those areas we fall short until we address those issues. 
         Barry McLaughlin
Freedom Deliverance Ministry