God is a good God and if we are not giving the devil any loopholes to interfere with what we are asking for, God will fulfill the desires of our heart, especially when our desires are in "alignment" with His will. When we ask for anything in Jesus Christ's name God will fulfill it.

    John 14:12-14 NIV 12 I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

   God answers prayers and as that scripture says "If we ask anything in Jesus Christ's name we can expect results," but we need to know what we are capable of asking for and in what manner we should ask to get those results. We should discern how best we should pray for every situation so that our prayers will be effective to achieve that which we are seeking to be done by the authority and Blood of Jesus Christ.

    Another thing we need to remember is that we have the Holy Spirit and His power that we can call upon to help aid us in our prayers. One thing that is very beneficial for us as a Christian is that we learn to call upon the Holy Spirit to reveal to us anything which we need to be aware of. You see we may have some things which may be working against us and which we cannot see yet and until we do see it and rectify it by the Blood of Jesus Christ it will be a burden to our soul. I have seen in my own walk as a newer Christian situations where I would be under a great oppression, or in the midst of a tormenting struggle but where I did not realize the source of that oppression. I was ignorant to recognize what spiritual warfare was and in what ways our souls could be oppressed by negative spiritual influences and so I was ignorant to know how I needed to pray when being oppressed.

     There may be some prevalent and burdensome issues in our life which needs to be dealt with by the Blood of Jesus Christ in that we can be set free from the negative influences those issues cast on us. We may have burdening circumstances and struggling situations to contend with in our life and in our walk as a Christian, but we may not have the knowledge or discernment yet to realize how we should address these issues. This is where we can draw upon the Holy Spirit to aid us. If we ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us something specific in which to help us understand what exactly is spiritually burdening us, or if we ask the Holy Spirit to expose to us those things which we cannot see but none the less are working against us, then the Holy Spirit is able to do so by you requesting Him to show you. Much can be revealed to us to give us greater revelation, guidance, and insight into spiritual concerns which we may not be aware of but we should make it a practice to encourage the Holy Spirit to show us these things. Remember that if the devil has found an open door to block you from receiving the fullness of what God would like to teach or reveal to you then by you specifically requesting the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ to show you what you ask, they will get shown.

    This is why you will see several times throughout our Daily Maintenance Prayer us petitioning God through His Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus Christ to reveal things to us. Here are some examples, these are lines taken from the prayer.

    Father reveal to me more of what Your will is for my life, and teach me how to continuously align myself to the plan of salvation which You have designed for me. 

    I encourage You Father to shine a magnified light on me to search out, find, and reveal to me any area of sin which I may still be walking in, and Father show me how to effectively contend with, and expel that sin from my life.

    By the Blood of Jesus Christ I pray that every wall and stronghold that has been built up and put in place against me, that they be exposed by God's Holy Spirit, and demolished by Gods Warrior Angels.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask Father "Jehovah," for Your Spirit of Truth to uncover and reveal to me every work of deception that is being perpetrated against my family, or myself, and I ask that these works of deception be exposed and rectified by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

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Part 5