It makes it easier for the Holy Spirit to reveal something to us which needs to be addressed and dealt with, if when while we are in prayer we touch on many areas of what we can, should, and need to pray for. While I am reading out this prayer and I am going over a particular area of this prayer the Holy Spirit quite often will bring to my attention something specific which I need to address, and pray for. For example as I read out the part in this prayer regarding forgiveness, the Holy Spirit may bring to my mind or give revelation to my spirit a situation, or a person which I need to forgive, or God's Spirit may challenge me to think of something which I may need to seek repentance for etc. When this happens, I usually put the prayer down and reflect on what was just shown to me and I will take a few moments to discern what now needs to be done, given up, repented of, or forgiven. At which point I then speak out from my heart that which needs to be spoken, until I feel that I have accomplished what the Holy Spirit had led me to do.

    God realizes He has a work to be done in us. It is God's intention and a part of His plan of Salvation for us, that we be purged and redeemed of every negative influence that has trespassed itself into, and which is working against an area of our life. God wants us to walk in the fullness of what He has planned for us as His creation, but much of His creation has been tainted by the workings of sin and darkness in this world. God realizes how rampant satan's influences have become in this world and He realizes how those influences have become apart of peoples lives. Many a people have been taken off of God's path by the affects of the ever expanding sin that abounds in this world.

    God realizes that many parents today are not bringing their children up as God's children. God realizes that too many children are growing up without God's direction and are not being sealed with His protection, and so God realizes that many people are at the mercy of many wrong influences that radiate throughout this world. Because satan's presence and his influences are so prevalent in this world today and because not enough people are living under God's direction and protection, many people who are coming to the Lord need each area of their life washed in the Blood and purged of what is not of God.

    God wants us to be aware of each thing that is holding us back from living in the fullness of His glory so that we can invite God to warfare on our behalf to redeem us from the trouble areas of our life. God wants us to recognize that if there are trouble areas in our life that nothing is impossible for the Lord, and that our present state does not have to be your future.

    If our eyes are upon the Lord He will find ways to reveal to us every form of bondage which is hindering us, and He will reveal to us every situation that is spiritually dangerous to us so that we can seek to learn how to expel those influences from our life. God will make a way where there seems to be no way and God will make opportunities by which to redeem us of every burden, sin, and bondage which is against us, and God will make opportunities by which for us to learn who we are and what we are capable of because of Him.

  Our Father God, through Jesus our Christ has made a way by which we could be redeemed and set free from every type of spiritual bondage and dominating influence which has found a way to enter into our life and which serves to deny us from living in the fullness of God's freedom. God has made a way by which we can be set free of our every sin and burden, but we need to do our part. It is by us first accepting Jesus Christ to be the Redeemer of our life and adhering ourselves to God's plan of salvation, then by us acknowledging our sins and rectifying them through repentance and the Blood of Jesus Christ, that we are set free of them. It is through us recognizing who, or what we need to forgive and realizing what it is that we need to give up to God that sets us free through Christ. These are some key words recognizing, acknowledging, repenting, forgiving, and giving up. This is why we should often ask God to show us what else we may need to give up, what else we may need to forgive or seek forgiveness for, what else we may need to repent of so as to make it easier for the Holy Spirit to reveal to us anything which may still need to be dealt with by the Blood of Jesus Christ to purify our soul.

 Note: It is better to continually invite the Holy Spirit to show you what may still need to be worked out of you so that you can invite God to expel those influences from your life, than it is to assume that there are no more issues left to be dealt with.

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