Part 2

.....What are we attempting to do in a prayer such as this one? .This Daily Maintenance Prayer is geared for a Christian to "achieve," "rectify," and "enforce God's will in a numerous type of situations with the Blood of Jesus Christ, and in the appropriate manner. What you are doing is 1- Openly welcoming, or petitioning the Holy Spirit to come into a situation which needs to be addressed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. 2- You are expediting the "power of the Holy Spirit" to move in a situation, or to perform a specific task. 3- You are taking a position with Christ in this world over the works of satan, and applying the Blood of Jesus Christ against principalities and powers. 4- You are pulling down strongholds which may be in place against you, or which may be against another person or situation you are praying for. 5- You are establishing a higher authority with Christ to over rule what satan had been claiming to be his. You are taking away from satan the legal right which had been given to him and which gave him the access or opportunity to be in a situation, and you are rectifying what satan had previously been doing in that situation, etc. 6- You are openly speaking out what you are desiring God to do through His Holy Spirit by the Blood of Jesus Christ, in your life, or for the lives of others.

    There are so many things that can be accomplished through the Blood of Jesus Christ when we seek God to move on our behalf, and when we draw upon His power. When we continually and effectively bring God's Holy Spirit into the situations of our life, and when we draw upon God's power to help fulfill what we are asking for in prayer we will see many positive results. When we effectively take authority over the works of satan in this world we will effectively limit satan's works in this world. This being the case we need to continually seek the Lord to understand what it is that we as "believers" can achieve in prayer so that we will be able to pray "effectively" for all things.

    As a Christian we empower what we are asking for "when we are being specific" as to what we are expecting the Blood of Jesus Christ to accomplish for us, and when our motives are righteous when speaking forth for our needs. (Or needs of another) When we apply our faith to the requests we are speaking out in prayer, and when we do so in the name of Jesus Christ we can expect to see endless miracles. Also by vocally addressing God to move on your behalf for every area of your life is openly confessing "anew" to God whom your trust is in, and it is making it known to satan "anew" who it is that you confess to and rely on, to meet your needs. Our spiritual Father, "God"

  Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.


A prayer such as this one is to inspire growth, protect, and teach.

    This Daily Maintenance Prayer in itself holds no importance, but there is an importance in how the Blood of Jesus Christ is being applied in this prayer. I affirm that this prayer is not the source of any power, but rather it is a conduit in which we can draw upon God's resources and bring God's power into our daily life to help fulfill our needs, and the needs of the world.

    We need to be aware of the "role" that we as Christians are to play in our walk with the Lord so that we can fulfill that role, and apart of that role is to bring God's power into every situation which needs God's attention. God's will, will definitely be done in this world, and Christ's return to this world will be accelerated when we know what God's will is for our life and we adhere ourselves to that knowledge.

  1 Corinthians 3:9 NIV 9 For we are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, God's building.

   We have been commissioned to be apart of the work of evangelizing the world, and helping to accelerate God's Light into this world of darkness. Paul says that we are God's fellow workers, and we are in fact being trained up by God to be servants and workers of His fields. God is anticipating a bountiful harvest and we are apart of the work to prepare those fields for harvest. The more prepared we are, and more experienced we become as workers of the fields the more bountiful the harvest will be. I have heard people say that God doesn't need us to do His work, and that God's will would still get accomplished, but I don't see anywhere in the bible where God says that He doesn't want or need us to be apart of that work.

    Our power as a Christian comes to life for us when we 1- know who we are with Jesus Christ, and when we know how to effectively petition God to move for our needs by way of Jesus Christ, 2- when we realize what great authority we have over the works of darkness through Jesus Christ, and when we understand the magnitude of power which is in the Blood of Jesus Christ when we apply that Blood into a situation. But the greater power comes to life for a Christian when we know "how to"apply the Blood of Jesus Christ into every type of a situation which we apply it to, etc., And when we are faithful to apply it each time the opportunity arises. That is our role as a Christian, to petition the Throne room of God to fulfill whatever needs we may have and to help fulfill the needs of those who are in this world, according to God's will that is. That includes us speaking against poverty, sickness, torment, turmoil, strongholds, principalities, powers, demons, demon influences etc, and rectifying the works of sin in this world by the Blood of Jesus Christ. 

    This Daily Maintenance Prayer, is designed to help a growing Christian through prayer cover many areas of their life with the protection of God's hand, and to have the Holy Spirit working effectively in their life even though they may not yet know how to effectively pray for their needs yet. This prayer has a Christian focus on their spiritual well being, on their spiritual walk, their relationship with God, and it has them encouraging the Holy Spirit to accelerate God's work in them. Whether you are a newer or an older Christian, if your heart is set on growing in a relationship with the Lord, then satan's heart will be set to come against you in any way that he can and so we need to daily pray an effective covering of God's protection in place around us and draw God's Holy Spirit to work in us, teach us, heal us etc.

  This prayer on a daily basis welcomes God's Holy Spirit

      to continue doing God's transitional work in us for it is God's will that we continually be refined, trained up, and to continue to grow into our spirit man/woman;

      to teach us more of who we can become as a Christian; and to know what we are able and capable to achieve because of Jesus Christ.

      to work in us daily to heal those areas of our life which needs healing. (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual); and to transform us from being a victim in life, to a victor with Christ.

      to continually deliver us of our sins, open our eyes to false thinking, and to redeem us from every stronghold, bondage, and oppression etc., which may be hindering us from growing in the Lord, and the list goes on as to what we are inviting the Holy Spirit to do in a prayer such as this one.

    This prayer has us seeking the Lord to bless us in several areas of our life, while nullifying the effects of any curse which may be in operation against us, which may have been projected against us, or which we ourselves may have opened the door to and drawn to us. It cover us in Gods protection with the Blood of Jesus Christ while we are binding the works of darkness which satan daily plots against our life, and against our walk with the Lord. It has us extending God's covering of protection over our family, home and friends, and it has us inviting God to do a work in several areas of our lives which needs God's work done. It has us encouraging God to establish Himself in us, so that we can go out and establish God in this world of darkness.

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