Part 14
    This Daily Maintenance Prayer as you can see is geared for that Christian who strongly desires
to grow in the Lord and who realizes or has begun to realize the importance of prayer. We all as
Christians need to realize that the most effective weapon that we have and can use against satan are
the words that we speak. That weapon, our “words,” are easily accessible to us. We also need to
realize the importance of speaking out our every petition to God in a very clear, expressive and
specific manner. This prayer guideline is ideal for a new born Christian as it is ideal for that Christian
who is already in an effective Ministry for the Lord.

    Can more be added to this prayer? Most definitely for there is a vastness as to what we can
pray for ourselves and for the needs of the world. I want to again emphasize that this prayer in itself
is not the source of God’s power, but rather a conduit by which to use His power. When we enter
into a committed relationship with God we gain for ourselves an access to God’s power and the
privilege of using that power. We all as Christians are capable of yoking up with God and
harnessing ourselves to God’s power to bring that power into our needs, struggles, prayers, 
intercessions, warfaring etc, but there is one important thing we need to know. How to effectively
unleash and bring that power into what we are praying for or against, and to effectively achieve 
Gods greatest purpose for what we were asking to happen in prayer.

    If we are adhering ourselves to what God’s will is for our life then we are going to witness
satan stepping up his attempts to attack us, to oppress and to discourage us in our walk with the
Lord. This being the case as we experience first hand satan’s opposition to our growth we will
realize even more the need to keep every aspect of our life and walk with the Lord covered in a
seal of prayer. More than that, as we make “prayer”a more prominent part of our life we will see
ourselves come to have greater faith as we witness how prayer consistently changes 
circumstances for the better. By making prayer a prevalent part of our Christian walk we will
witness how faithful God is to move on our behalf whenever we are faithful to bring the power
of God into our struggles, adversities, circumstances intercessions, etc.

    When we draw upon God’s power and release it into a situation something is going to 
happen. Have you ever laid your hands on somebody and prayed for them, or laid your hands
on somebody and spoke the Blood of Jesus Christ against a sickness that is on their body, or a
stronghold which is against their soul? Do it sometime and see what happens. See what it is that
you feel as you step out in faith to pray for another person’s needs and then listen to their witness
as they share with you what they are experiencing as you release the Holy Spirit upon to them.
You will get to experience what it is like for the Holy Spirit to work through you as you will
witness what the other person is experiencing as the words of your prayers manifest the Holy Spirit
to work in them.

    This is the greatest witness that a Christian can ever experience and by which their faith will grow
in leaps and bounds. To be a doer of God’s word is such a faith building tool for us because we get
to repeatedly see what the Blood of Jesus Christ can accomplish for us and for every type of
situation which we speak it into. Also the more times we pray for different situations the more we
will have the opportunity to observe how the Holy Spirit works and what our authority in Christ can
accomplish in prayer. That being the case we will gain first hand experience on using the Blood of
Jesus Christ and gain an experience by which we will be able to draw upon for future reference.
Also we get to witness how faithful the power of the Holy Spirit is each time we step out in faith to
use that power.

    Hebrews 4:12-13NIV 12 For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-
edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts
and attitudes of the heart. 13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is
uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

    Jeremiah 23:29 NIV "Is not My word like a fire?" says the LORD," And like a hammer that
breaks the rock in pieces?

    Many Christians who were raised in dysfunctional homes, (who have lived under generational
curses, curses, words of condemnation, oppressing soul ties, the bondage of sin, feelings of
rejection and little love etc) are the ones who satan has a greater advantage over “until” that
Christian learns how to break that cycle of oppression that has been against their lives. These
also are the Christians who recognize more easily the need to become adept, or more skillful at
wielding a sword of spiritual warfare to break free from the cords which bind them. For that
Christian which I am referring to, satan is going to aggressively attack them if he sees that they are
beginning to receive the knowledge to know who they are in Christ. Satan will step up his warfare
against that person in the areas in which he has access to oppress them by for he does not want
that person to break away from the hold which he has on them. As the Lord strives to open our 
eyes to show us how to grow in Him and receive any healing, deliverance etc we need satan will 
definitely strive to hinder and confuse that process.

    There are some teachers of the Word of God who think that all spiritual oppression, curses, 
strongholds etc, which may be on a person before coming to the Lord are immediately broken off
of a person the moment they say the words “Jesus Christ You are my Lord and Saviour,” but that is
not the case. Each person is unique and uniquely different from each other and each person may
carry different burdens with them to the Throne room of God when they first make the decision to
be a Christian, and each one of us may have different types and strengths of strongholds at work
against us which need to be contended with.

    When we first enter into a relationship with God we are entering into “the beginning of a process”
of being taught who we are as a Christian. During this process of growth we begin to understand
who we are with Christ, because of Christ, and we begin to understand how important it is to develop
and maintain a close relationship with God in that we shall understand what God wants for us and
expects of us. In this growing relationship with the Lord we will begin to learn how we can effectively
petition God for our needs and learn such things as how to be set free of any strongholds which may
be hindering us from living a full life. God wants for us to learn how to effectively petition Him for
our every need and to learn how to rectify every work of oppression which had entered into our life
"before” we had come to Christ, and God wants for us to learn how to maintain a victory over sin
and oppression “after” we come to Christ.

    God wants for us to know some things, Why? Because knowledge sets us free. God wants for us
to be set free from every form of oppression which may be against us as God wants for us to realize
that all things are possible with Him and achievable through a relationship with Him. God wants for us
to grow in His knowledge so that we can speak forth that knowledge against every negative influence
that tries to trespass itself into our life. God wants for us to know how to pray effectively and to 
know how to speak against the adversary himself so that we can get our break throughs and victories
with Christ. God wants us to get through the storms of life and be elevated in God without the works
of satan getting the better of us. God wants us to be able to recognize our sins and to repent of our
sins so that our sins won’t weigh us down by satan’s chains. He wants us to recognize the 
importance of forgiving others then forgive any situation of the past that needs forgiving so that un-
forgiveness is not a barrier from us receiving "His greater working” in our life. God wants for us to
learn many things by His Spirit as He wants for us to utilize everything that we have learned about
God so that we may walk in the fullness of what He has for us.
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