A prayer such as this one will help to develop the newer Christian and to teach that newer Christian what they are capable of doing through the Blood of Jesus Christ. In that we may become that true representative of God that God desires us to be we need to learn how to pray effectively and effectively do the things which Jesus Christ Himself said we are to do. This prayer is specific and covers many areas of prayer which a Christian needs to address and it has us petitioning God to transform us into what God’s will is for our life.

In speaking out this prayer you are learning your authority as a Christian and you are learning to take a position with Christ over the works of darkness in this world. You are learning to take a stand ”with” the Lord against the negative influences that satan uses against every person in this world and you are learning what your purpose is as a Christian in the process. You are learning to demonstrate your authority “through” the power of Christ over the works of darkness, over sickness, poverty, curses, etc, and over satan himself.

As a Christian speaks this prayer out loud, they will get an understanding on how they can effectively petition our Father God to move on their behalf in a situation, and they will also get an understanding on how they can confidently confront satan and his works without fearing him. A Christian who wasn’t aware of what their purpose was to be as a Christian they will get acquainted to knowing that purpose by observing how this prayer is outlined, worded and phrased.

For that Christian who hadn’t realized before that they were to be apart of binding the works of satan in this world, or who didn’t realize that they were able or capable of doing such things, they will begin to understand their position to do such things. As it was done for the children of the Israelites to learn the laws of God, their parents would write God’s laws on clay tablets (not the Pharisees laws, but God’s Laws) and hang them on their children’s chest until their children would know the Laws of God in their hearts. We are in a time that we need to realize our fullest potential in Christ Jesus, and our Father God wants us to quicken it into our spirit to know who we are because of Christ. God wants us to know what He is able to accomplish in us and God wants us to know what we are capable of accomplishing for Him. (With Christ)

It is what we speak out in the name of Jesus Christ and how we speak it in the name of Jesus Christ that empowers the words we speak. We need to know how to effectively bring the Holy Spirit into any and every situation that we will experience, and we need to know how to expedite and bring the working of God’s power into our every request, intercession, command etc.

Knowledge is essential for every Christian, but especially for the one who is led to minister in this world of darkness and for he or she who is faithful to be a doer of God’s word. You will see where I have hi-lited several times throughout this writing the word “knowledge” for it is by the knowledge of Christ that we begin to learn who we are as a man or woman under God’s direction. I am not talking about the knowledge to know that Christ is real, I am talking about the life altering knowledge which God sent His Son Jesus Christ into this world to give us in that we can have eternal life free from the chains which sin puts on a person. It is the knowledge that Christ brought to us that we need to know and that we need to possess.

What Jesus Christ’s death established for the believer above all else was the power to overcome sin and darkness in this world . Jesus death empowered Him on a greater level in the spiritual realm, and it empowers anyone who will receive, believe, utilize, and adhere themselves to the knowledge which Jesus Christ was sent to give us. Anyone who will put their faith in God, and who will trust to use the authority of Jesus Christ for their every need, will have Christ’s authority working for them. God will do a refining work in those who desire to live for Him and in those who will attempt to live righteously, adhere to God’s ways, seek His knowledge, surrender themselves to Him, trust in Him, be open to receive etc.

Jesus Christ dying at the Cross did not nail satan into his coffin, but it did seal his fate. Jesus Christ dying at the Cross established a standard in the spiritual realm in which that all people who would believeth on Him and who would commit and live their life for God, could secure eternal salvation. All this was made possible because Jesus Christ obediently fulfilled God’s plan for His life here on earth, and He established a breakthrough for us in the spiritual realm. Jesus Christ’s death established a precedence over the sinfulness of God’s first seed Adam and Eve. In Adam and Eve’s disobedience, they had lost the personal divineness which they once had through their relationship with God, and they lost for every man and woman an authority over sin by choosing to live in sin. Adam and Eve by their sins impacted the spiritual realm, and set a standard in the spiritual realm which gained satan an empowerment over man/woman. Because Adam and Eve tried to hide in their sin instead of repenting of their sin, they became captive to sin, and they lost their dominion over the earth that God had given to them.

Genesis 3:6-9 NIV 6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. 8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.

Jesus Christ by living a sinless life and dying a sinless man established a new standard in the spiritual realm which supersedes the standard which the fall of Adam and Eve had put in place against man/woman in the spiritual realm. In order for a person to receive the benefits of what Jesus Christ’s death gained, they need to enter into God’s plan of salvation. This is what God sent Jesus Christ into this world to do, to make a way by which to bridge the gap for us and bring us back to where we were before the fall in the Garden. We are restored to a position of empowerment over the works of sin by repelling sin from our life, by entering into and committing ourselves to a relationship with God, and by adhering to live our life following the examples and teachings of Jesus Christ.

We are released and taken out from underneath satan’s rule when we make the decision and commit to live our life for God. Satan loses his grip to manipulate our lives when we make the conscientious decision to adhere ourselves to the plan of salvation which Jesus Christ was sent to give us, and when we make the conscientious decision to separate ourselves from the priorities of this world. Jesus Christ’s death made possible God’s plan of salvation, and for any person who will taste to see if the Lord is good and see for themself that He is, they can be redeemed from the sinful influences which are at work in this world. Once a person tastes for themself and finds that the ways of the Lord are easy and just, beneficial and necessary they then need to take the next step and commit themselves to the plan God has for their life which is designed to both set them free from oppression and purify their soul of darkness.

Satan is trying to reestablish the standard of when Adam and Eve’s sins condemned man and woman, and he is constantly pleading his case before God saying that we all will fail and live in sin like Adam and Eve had. This is why he is called the accuser of man and woman for he is looking for an area of our life where we do sin, so that he can use our sin to gain an access into our life, but also and as importantly satan will focus on all sin in this world to plead a case against all of mankind for satan wants to remain dominate over each one of us. Where at one time satan had gained a dominion over every man and woman as a whole through Adam and Eve, he now only gains access to a man or woman individually by their individual sins. In the same manner each person who lives their life with Christ is set free and taken out from under satan’s rule. Every time we plead the Blood of Jesus Christ we are proclaiming our right to use the precedent which was established for us through Jesus Christ. We are showing satan that we have the knowledge to know what Jesus Christ achieved for us, and therefore have the knowledge to apply that knowledge against him through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Part 10
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