Let’s Talk About    "Breaking Strongholds"

  This is a in-depth and detailed writing I have put together, complete with several prayers, that will
help even the newest of Christian’s to understand how to pull down whatever stronghold satan has
built against them. I have put several step by step teachings into this writing covering several topics
that will help a Christian to better understand and effectively use spiritual warfare as a weapon against
satan to tear his strongholds down. As they will also help a Christian to better realize what a strong
hold is, how a stronghold gets set up in a person’s life, how satan is able to keep a person bound
(in fear, anxiety, torment, unworthiness, rejection, sickness,lust, greed, delusion, bitterness,
guilt, jealousy, temptation, un-forgiveness etc.) in those strongholds and how a person can pull
down and be completely set free from their influence, bondage and oppression. 

  There is much a person needs to learn and realize in that they can confidently call down the walls
of a stronghold. Why? First because there is power in the name of Jesus Christ when a person
knows how to use that power in an effective manner and secondly because satan knows that if a
Christian does not realize their authority and what they are capable of acheiving over satan in that
authority that he (satan) still has the upper hand over them. Many people in their sins and/or their
oppressions do not realize the power and the authority they possess as a Christian because of their
down trodden position (also because of lack of teaching in the church to know how to teach war
fare and conduct deliverance) and so that ignorance becomes a major problem for that person 
who is seeking their deliverance. I believe there is enough teaching in this book to help a Christian 
in their oppression, sin or ignorance to understand what they need to do in a step by step 
procedure to set them free from however the enemy has them bound, limited or oppressed.    
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