Let's talk about

                Our purpose as a Christian
           "And"  How we learn that purpose
   Does a Christian have a purpose? Absolutely!  Not only that, but each person in
following their decision to become a Christian should find themselves in a labor of love 
to find out exactly what that purpose is. Who they are in Christ. What will be required of
them. How they should live their life as a believer. How their life and lifestyle may need 
to change. What they are capable of doing because of Christ's death on the cross. What
God would want of them in the way of ministering to others, shaping peoples lives and 
quickening Jesus return. etc. 

      What is God's purpose for us and why are more Christians not walking in their 
purpose, or in God's purpose for them? This is what we will attempt to explain in this 
writing. Is every Christian church teaching us to know our purpose in the way God had 
intended and in the way Jesus had taught it?  Unfortunately we can't say they are.  I am 
not trying to shine a negative light on our church, but shine a light on a problem Jesus
Christ had told us existed. 

    We are going to sift through the many types of teachings and beliefs, many of
our Christian resources offer us and clarify what resonates God's truths and what 
doesn't, what is of God and what isn't and why, in that a Christian can better understand
their purpose and walk in it. In the process of our sifting I pray to help a Christian realize
what their purpose is as a Christian. What God purposes for us.
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